James P. Daley Decahedral - Nightshade Album Art + Posters + Video
Nightshade Album Release show posters
Album Artwork integrated into "Socialite" Music Video by Travis Wilson
Music by: James P. Daley - Decahedral. From the album "Nightshade" (available everywhere 03/08/18) featuring James P. Daley - Double Bass & Composer, Fareed Haque- Guitar, Geof Bradfield - Bass Clarinet & Flute, Andrew Lawrence- Synthesizer, Juan Pastor- Drums & Percussion, Kyle Madsen- Tenor Saxophone, Xavier Galdon- Trombone, Garrick Smith- Baritone Saxophone, Danny Van Duerm- Electric Piano/Effects & Kazoo, Eric Brink - Clarinet. Recorded @ Joyride Studios, Chicago, 

Video by: Travis Wilson
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